Thai Night – 5th Feb

thai-night-the-old-cannon-brewery-Bury- St-Edmunds-Suffolk

 Our Thai night menu has been finalised today and it looks gorgeous – can’t wait to eat it!

Three course set meal cooked to perfection by our assistant chef Som


kanon – pang – na – moo

Minced pork and prawns on toast, served with salad and sweet chili dip


kaeng – kua curry

Chicken and bamboo shoots cooked in kaeng kua curry sauce with coconut milk.  Garnished with fresh chili and sweet basil.

pad – prien – wan

Thai style sweet and sour seafood with tomatoes, cucumber and pineapple.

Complimented with

pad – sieyu

Stir fried noodles with vegetables

kao – suey

Steamed fragrant rice

To finish

Coconut and fruit pancake served with ice cream


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