Take The Old Cannon home with you

You can now enjoy The Old Cannon beers at home, or when celebrating a special occasion.  As well as our every popular 8 pint mini casks, many of our beers are available to take away in 18 pint (10 litres) Demi Pins; or 36 pint (20 litres) Pins – Rough and Bright.

Rough beer – this is exactly the same as we serve from our cellar and will need a little time and attention before you can drink it.  It will however give you great beer for 5 – 10 days after opening; and if kept correctly can be stored for up to 6 weeks before opening.  Rough beer does require some TLC 24 hours before you can enjoy your beer.  You will need to position and tilt the box where it will kept until finished and your beer can’t be moved again as you will disturb the sediment.

Bright beer – this is exactly as if we had poured it on our bar so has been cleared for you. You can drink this as soon as you get it home so does not need any settling period. As this beer is ‘ready to drink’, it does not keep as long as rough beer, but will still last for up to 5 days providing it has been kept at the right temperature.

Storage—to enjoy your beer at it’s best you will need to store it in a suitable location where it’s temperature will be kept at approx. 12c. Too warm will affect the taste of the beer, and too cold will make the beer go flat and hazy. Avoid frosts in the winter! Your beer needs to be stored upright with the tap tear out panel at the top.

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