Our policy regarding children

Due to the nature of our business we have taken the decision to no longer serve children in our restaurant who are under 10 years old.  Our current policy which reflects our license states that children under 14 can only be served when eating in the restaurant.  We are now extending this to children under 10.

Being a brewery and pub restaurant we feel that our premises are just not suitable for young children.  We struggle to accommodate buggies/pushchairs and we don’t have space for baby changing facilities or high chairs.  So we have taken the decision to be a ‘small child’ free zone.

We acknowledge that parents with older children at times want to enjoy a meal and drink together, however we are a pub restaurant first and foremost; and a pub is an adult environment.

Therefore, we ask that older children be seated at all times whilst eating.  We do not think it is unreasonable to expect older children to behave like adults when eating a meal in a restaurant.  Behaviour that would not be tolerated from adults will not be tolerated from children.

Whilst we understand that this may offend or upset some people, we hope this gives a clear statement of our position on this matter.

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