Answering the Call of the Hop

Adnams has brewed a special beer in September since 2014; Wild Hop Beer.

This years Wild Hop Beer is unique to the 2016 hop harvest. Wild Hop Beer contains many hops donated by members of the public and other local breweries. These hops are often wild or from gardens which allow each brew to be slightly different and unique.

The call for hops came at the beginning of September and the Bear Inn, Beyton, has answered. The beer is brewed using fresh green hops which gives the beer clean and fresh aromas and is different each year as it is brewed with a different mixture of a variety of hops.

Hannah Clark, owner of the Bear Inn says “We have so many hops growing in our beer garden, we didn’t want to waste them so when we saw we could donate them, we jumped at the chance.”


Tris and Charlie gathering hops

Tris, the head brewer at the Old Cannon Brewery, sister pub to the Bear Inn, immediately got stuck in to harvesting the hops. Adnams warns its hop donors the hops tend to grow near nettles, but at the Bear Inn, it was rosebushes Tris had to contend with to free the hops from the vines.

The Old Cannon Brewery has also been chosen as Adnams Guest Ale for October and November 2016 and the beer Blonde Bombshell will be available for Adnams pubs to have as a guest throughout this period.

The beer will be brewed late next week and will be on the shelves of Adnams stores later on in the year.

You can find out more about Wild Hop Beer by visiting

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