Beer Enthusiasts Enjoy Brewery Tours For Heritage Open Day

The six tours around the Old Cannon Brewery were nearly all full for Heritage Open Days last weekend, joining 41 other properties in the Bury St Edmunds area in opening their doors to the general public. The Brewery opened the doors of its cellar for the public to learn about the history of the building and the brewing process. It was the first time we had participated in Heritage Open Days and we hope to join in many more in the future.


Looking up at the malt grist

The tour included the history of the building which was built in 1845 and its life as a brewery, pub, residential property, B&B and pub again. The tour then looked at the brewing vessels in the bar area including the Malt Grist, Mash Tun and Kettle. Attendees were able to look inside the vessels as we normally brew on Monday’s. Then it was down to the cellar which houses the fermentation vessels and beer storage. At the end of each tour, there was the opportunity to sample some Old Cannon Beers including the Best Bitter and Gunner’s Daughter.


Looking inside the brewing vessels

Emma, who conducted the tours on Friday, said “It was really nice to show members of the public around, and for them to see how we brew. We’re very proud of our brewing vessels and our beer and it was a great experience to share the knowledge of the building and the brewing with people.”

Tom Atkins, who attended the free tours over the weekend said; “It was very interesting and informative and it was really nice to conclude with an Old Cannon beer.”


The mash tun and kettle

Debbie Atkins added “The tour was well presented and the [brewing] process was explained perfectly.”

A few of the tours got interrupted by Tris, the brewer working as he returned casks to the cellar via the trap door but this added to the authenticity of the tour as it is a working brewery.


Enjoying a drink at the bar

If you missed the tours last weekend, we offer tours by appointment only for £10 per person which includes a full tour of the brewery and cellars, a free Old Cannon glass to take home and 3 third pint tasters of their beer. Call to book a tour on 01284 768769. For more information visit our Brewery Tours page.

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